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Monday, January 2, 2012

The Lovers, the Dreamers & Me

I love The Muppet Show, some of my earliest television memories are of putting my ear up against our giant  wooden television set (circa 1972 or so) so that I could hear the songs & watch the show through my peripheral vision.  My favorite Muppets are Rolf & Sam Eagle.  I love Rolf because...well, what's not to love?  He's freak'n hilarious & can play jazz- he might have been my first crush. <3  I know my devotion to Grumpy ol' Sam is an odd choice, but I have a reason that is pretty comical to me now as an adult;  I am Hard of Hearing and have been since birth (I have initial nerve deafness probably due to being given a strong antibiotic as a newborn to treat a serious heart infection called Sub-acute Bacterial Endocarditis which I acquired from a small heart valve defect which is pretty common in EDS, + more deafness due to massive amounts of scar tissue on my ear drum from chronic infections)-this gets relevant right now:  ~>  I can/could hear very little outside of my head, but I DID hear all kinds of low gurgly  sounds within my inner ear all the time, probably fluid from the infections(I can't really explain what is sounds like to hearing people, but other HOH/Deaf people know what I'm talking about) .  Anyway, the sound was about the same tone as Sam Eagles voice, so my brain's effort to make sense of these strange sounds, I used to day dream that Sam Eagle was sitting at his kitchen table with his wife, and they were talking over breakfast.  Yep, I've always been an odd one...  Anyway, in an effort help my children become the true nerds they were breed to be, they've grown up watching The Muppet Show on DVD as well as all of the Muppet movies- because they are pure AWESOME!

Fast forward to now: We have sort of an unspoken/unplanned tradition of go to the movies on our last day of holiday-vacations-at-home.  Since we only go 3 times per year, we try and weed through all the trailers rating which might be theater worthy and which are worth waiting for; to rent, to borrow from the library or wait until it is whittled down to the 75% of the flick that will make it onto television- I promise, it's worth the process.
  Today we finally saw The Muppets. I loved it!    If you've not gone to see it, do, you'll thank me.  This most current movie has risen to be my favorite- no, I am not overselling it; it's just that awesome.

Without giving too much away (there SO MUCH I want to say about this movie!), I'll just show you this one thing; my new favorite song:

I must be a very womanly muppet of a woman. :)

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  1. We all know it's not easy being green, each for our own reasons... I met the muppets as a teenager but I have always enjoyed them regardless. Glad the movie was good!