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Hi There, I'm Kris. I'm a quirky sort who loves silly jokes, sunflowers, music, divine interruptions and music. I am devoted to my nerdly, ginger-haired husband, our 3 living & growing kids, and missing our 1 Babe in Heaven. We journey together through this life, dancing to our own beat, while learning each step as my children and I are effected by a life-threatening & degenerative chronic illness called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS). Please look on the "What is Ehlers Danlos Syndrome" to the bottom right of the page to learn more about EDS. I believe I have been given this journey in order to over come it, and this is my story of how I get it done.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Just keep going...

I never really thought about it before now, but I suppose this has been one of my mantras since I was very young.  In the shadow of whatever mountain standing before me, it has never been my nature to question whether I am going to traverse it or not....as long as my goal is on the other side, I will just keep going.  This nature of mine; the innate bullheadedness that propels me forward against my every adversary, has not only gotten me to where I want to be (or at least closer to where I want to be) countless times , it has also allowed me to keep, for the most part, a joyful glint in my eye & a silliness to my being.  If I just keep going, there isn't time to sweat the small stuff, or cry over any proverbial spilled milk.  Granted both the bullheadedness & my silly-heart has gotten me into trouble as many times as it has saved me from it- I'm so thankful that it has been gifted to me.  Just keep going...because surely somewhere along this journey is sure to be a good laugh- thank God! :)

This week has been difficult, but it hasn't swallowed me.  I went back to work after my fall, made the first joke so that everyone knows that I am okay with my life's imperfections and kept going.  I am starting to finally feel the physical pain start to lessen, so hopefully my bruises and unsteadiness will follow suit.  I am still worried about what this means; the shelf-life that is my mobility, but seeing as there is not a damn thing I can do more than what I'm doing, I'll just keep going regardless.
  I appreciate the comments and support you've given me more than you know.  Just being allowed a moment to worry about it, grieve about it is so free-ing and gives me the courage to just keep going.  Thank you for that.

I'm trying to be responsible and putting credits on images that are not mine, I don't know who these websites are, or what they say or standfor, I was just looking for images:
Pic1 google images: vastfitness.com
Pic2 google images: danielyount.com
Pic3 google images: genekwok.tumblr.com
Pic4 google images: bravegirlsclub.com

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  1. I'm glad you are feeling mostly better after the fall. What a scary thing to contemplate! It's wonderful to see how strong you are though :).