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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Early Christmas Gift

I got an early Christmas present yesterday; and it's a biggie.  I've been praying for it, but not actually expecting it, because it was a long shot.....AND I GOT IT!!!
Let me back up: I work for a fantastic company; I really believe in what it does and the approach that it takes to do it.  I also believe that it is one of the, if not THE last American company who takes care of it's employees who work hard to be taken care of.  We get free turkey's and a bottle of wine at Thanksgiving, there is an elegant annual Banquet in the Winter, we get good health & retirement benefits as well as a 3% annual salary increase for those who prove their worth (which is considered "average" for a salary increase in the US).  My history with the company is that I started out as a receptionist & and I am now a supervisor under the Facilities Director at the corporate office.  While my hiring salary was a raise from my receptionist salary, it was still extremely low because of my lack of experience (having been a stay at home mom for 10 years before that).  I work my arse off, because I feel like that's what one should do when employed, it's a work ethic I was raised with and I'm raising my kids the same.  I'm up for review and my Director is beyond pleased with my performance, so pleased that he recommend at 10% salary increase (unheard of) based on the amount of work I am excelling at & the salary I am currently getting (because they assumed I would be able to hack it as I have?). NOBODY gets more than a 3% salary increase and I don't mind saying that I deserve 10%. 
This means, that when this goes into effect, we (my family) will have a working budget for the first time since The Husband lost his job in June 2010 (well we ran out of money in October 2010).  We will be able to pay all of our bills (which we HAVE been paying in full & on time by cutting everything we possibly can else out- groceries, I've gone without countless meals so the kids can eat, etc.) while feeding the children AND ourselves at the same time! We can fill the car with gas when it runs out and turn the heat on (not excessively mind you, lol).  We can't save anything yet, and I still can't buy any clothes that fit (though maybe being able to buy more of the food I am able to eat, I'll gain some weight back), but I don't care because we've finally made it to the next stepping stone....after so much hard work. 
The next stepping stone is for the Husband to get a full teaching contract, which probably won't happen until next Fall.  Until then, I am satisfied that my hard work is finally paying off.  

So to celebrate, here are some Christmas songs that make me smile :)

I love these guys!

This is my most favorite Christmas song

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