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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Sad Day

  I went to a funeral today.  It was not Melanie's funeral, though her service was today as well (she lived on the West Coast- I'm a transplant now living on the East Coast).  Today's funeral was for 7 month old Graham; the son of a co-worker.  Graham was an incredible baby boy; born at 24 weeks gestation weighing only 580 grams, he fought for months a previously unsurvivable infection and won!  Graham did very well for a while after that, but then his little body got too weak and too tired.  His parents did an amazing job loving & advocating for him and this is all a very very sad thing.  I have been to more children's funerals than I wish to remember, and I will never get used to them.  So today is an understandably sad day.  I am sad for Graham's family and the HUGE loss they are feeling, I am sad for all of the feelings of loss Graham's death brings up in me, and I am sad because Melanie has died and I can't talk to her about it all.  It's a sad day.


  1. Such unbearable loss, for those who loved Graham and Melanie. These are sad, sad waters and I'm sorry you're navigating them.

    Be kind to yourself. Reach out to Graham's parents in the coming days - when the rest of the world gets on with living, that's when grief is hardest to bear, I've found.

    Your post about Melanie is lovely and heartfelt - how blessed you were, to have known one another so well.

  2. Thank you for your comment Liz. The loss is unbearable indeed, though it's times like this that I am thankful at the opportunity to know loss and the fullness of life. Feeling pain so raw is apart of a fully, openly and honestly experienced life. I am thankful for these two people who have touched my life, and they will live on through each of us who they have touched.

  3. Death can be a sad thing or an OK thing. When my 14 year 2 month old chocolate lab died after being sick for only 24 hours it was an OK thing. When my wife of 14 years died at the age of 44 it was a sad thing. The saddest deaths of all are when a child or baby dies. They never got the chance to experience much of life at all.

    There is never any sense to when someone so young dies. Never! And the sadness and depression we feel is the only way to mourn for such a young lost life.

    Peace to you!

  4. Agree 100% Jerry. I am so sorry that your wife died.